Eco-Age, a fashion magazine dedicated to promoting ethically friendly fashion (because let’s face facts, green is the new black) has recently launched the fru-gal challenge. A challenge whereby the participant has to source and wear ethical, vintage or second hand clothing for one week, documenting their efforts through photographs on the site and social media.

Jenny Grenwell, a contributor for Eco-Age has recently asked members of the University of Liverpool to get involved with the challenge, with a view to a possible campus special. A few members of the LSMedia fashion team are getting involved but we want the project wider!

If you love vintage clothing, a good root through a charity shop, or feel strongly about the growing ethical fashion movement then we want you to get involved!

If this sounds like the type of thing you want to partake in then visit The Fru-Gal Challenge web page and drop a line to both and

Five minutes of fame, a new outfit and doing your bit for the environment. What is not to love?