We all tend to have a bit of a love/hate relationship with fresher’s week: On the one hand, its probably the only week in the year where you can and will go out every single night. You’ll spend seven nights dancing, downing shots and going a bit mental, and seven days sleeping in and living on a nutritious diet of take-away and coffee. And it’s class. But it can’t be denied, the body hates what fresher’s puts it through and unfortunately, emerging the following weekend looks rough and feels dreadful. So here’s some tried and tested health and beauty tips to keep you looking and feeling relatively human through the week-long test of drinking endurance we all love.

The body uses up loads of vitamin B when processing alcohol, so replenishing your vitamin stores is a must for fighting the hang. Vitamin supplements like Berocca (£4, ASDA) are perfect: These clever little tablets help unlock energy sources in the body – add one of these to an ice-cold pint of water for a much needed boost.

A hangover is always likely to leave you reaching for the oven chips, or even the menu for that fried chicken place you usually wouldn’t go near. Whilst it’s fine once in a while, a week-long fast food bender won’t look good in jeans, and it’ll feel pretty rubbish too. It’s all about convenience and as always, supermarkets have come to the rescue. Ready meal ranges like ASDA’s ‘Good for you’ one are perfect for when you need a quick fix meal, and all cost around £2! Try stockpiling soups too –  go for vegetable and low salt options and serve with a thick slice of brown bread.

Eye drops
Does a night on the tiles leave you looking like you’ve done a few rounds with Anthony Joshua… And then cried for three hours? No stress, a few hydrating eye drops will soon sort that out. Blink Refreshing Eye Drops, £2.83 at ASDA are great – store in the fridge for an extra soothing effect.

A super-invigorating shower
Scrub away  last night’s make up (and shame) with Clean & Clear Morning Energy Facial Scrub £3.99 at Boots. Add Original Source lemon and tea tree shower gel, just £1 at ASDA, and a seriously hot shower to leave you feeling fresh and ready to face the day. Not that you’ll be doing anything more strenuous than microwaving and sleeping of course!
Yes it sounds absurd. Who in the right mind is going to get out of bed, four hours after getting into it, to go for a run around Sefton Park? Exactly. But as painful as it sounds, exercise really does help cure a hangover. Try a long walk or even a swim* to get you feeling closer to human again, and ready for the night ahead.
*Colossal amounts of motivation required.
Image source: ASDA.com