It’s safe to say autumn is well and truly here; its cold, the nights come quicker, the uni assignments are nearing and my bank balance is once again gradually decreasing from a four digit number to a three… To a two… To a ‘Your current account balance is £1.89. You can withdraw £0.00 today’. To avoid the latter, yet still look and feel good throughout these winter climates, I (being a big, and maybe sad, bargain hunter) have raided the shops to find some of the best products for winter skincare and at the best price only! Little do we know that when we race to the indoors to seek refuge from the cold, going from one extreme to the other, we really aren’t helping our skin at all and for many people, winter is notorious for bringing uncomfortable and very unwanted dryness to the skin. With this in mind it’s time to ditch the ‘oil-fighting’ products and grab the ‘hydration-boosters’ instead! And so, with very much a struggle I finally managed to dwindle down my findings to my favourite five for under £5…

Number 1: Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub   


This face wash really is beautifully refreshing as it purifies the skin without over-drying (key for the winter period)! It’s particularly great for those morning afters and 9:00AM starts when you’ve not had chance to grab your morning coffee and feel like you’ve left your eyeballs back at home. As this pink grapefruit daily scrub gently exfoliates your skin it gets rid of the dead skin cells that naturally reduce your luminosity not only leaving your skin feeling refreshed afterwards (which is just what you need on these deceivingly dark autumn mornings) but also smelling great too. This sells at £4.59 in Superdrug and £4.50 in Tesco, however Bodycare beats them with a great price of £3.99!

Number 2: Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion

Not only does the winter period attempt to rob your skin of all its nutrients, it steals your summer glow too! However, never fear as this fake tan is really great for the autumn season as it gives you a great base tan and a lovely glow without being too dark… Or orange. Because let’s face it, there really is nothing worse. It also comes in ‘fair to normal’ and ‘normal to dark’ so you can get the perfect colour for your skin tone. Just use this like you would your normal moisturiser and apply with your hands in circular motions for a beautiful streak-free glow. Just don’t forget to wash them after! Best of all, this tan doesn’t smell like your typical, over-whelming fake tan and I’ve found it to be a good everyday make-up base too. One thing though, with it not being an instant tan, it probably takes about 10 hours to develop the tan properly so definitely a night before job! However, as far as nourishing your skin goes, it does that right away! Once again Superdrug and Boots retail this at £5.69 however Bodycare practically gives this baby away at a lovely price of  £2.75!

Number 3: Aveeno Hand Cream Intense Relief

Constantly washing our hands throughout the day combined with a lack of moisture in the air outside and  fully cranked up heating inside inevitably makes for very dry, sometimes chapped and sore skin in the winter, especially for our hardworking hands! However the solution is simple; rehydrate the skin! One word, Aveeno. When it comes to relieving dry skin I swear by Aveeno! Aveeno products are formulated with naturally active Colloidal Oatmeal; a key and well-known ingredient that has, for a long time, been proven to have a soothing effect on dry and/or irritated skin whilst also improving the skin’s barrier. And what’s even better about this little gem is it forms a protective ‘glove’ that lasts through hand-washing and keeps skin moisturised for up to 24 hours. The Aveeno range however (as it is so effective) can be a little pricey with this hand cream’s R.R.P being around £5.09 but luckily for us Superdrug have this hand-saver on offer for a generous £3.34!

Number 4: Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer *NEW*

Recently we have been bombarded with primers from all cosmetic ranges; from Revlon to Mac, they’ve all had a go! However, there has recently been a new and interesting addition to the competition and that is the fabulous skincare brand, Nivea. Just in time for winter, they’ve nailed it on the head with their new Express Hydration Primer that not only provides a ‘smooth and effective base for make-up application’ but also moisturises our skin. Just what we need. With this product being so new it can only be found in Superdrug and is currently at a great price of £3.99!

Number 5: The Body Shop’s Hemp Lip Protector

Now I don’t know about you, but each and every winter there is one particular problem I have without fail. It haunts me each winter, I swear. Yes, it’s chapped lips. And yes, it’s the worst. Especially the horrible temptation of licking your awful, dry, shrivelled lips when you know it is the worst thing you could possibly do but at the same time seems the best and only option for relief. Awful, but again never fear as The Body Shop have a perfect, intensive lip balm designed to restore very dry lips and specifically so in extreme weather conditions. Currently this lip protector and sanity keeper is on offer for £4.00! Don’t forget the extra student discount of 20% in Liverpool One’s store till 5th October too!

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