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The race for the White House heated up further this week after the vice-presidential debate took place on Thursday night.

Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Paul Ryan faced each other in a 90-minute match, in which both men set out the position of their respective campaigns. Foreign policy, healthcare and the economy were discussed, as well as the delicate issue of abortion.

Biden challenged Ryan at every turn, telling him: “With all due respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey,” when Ryan spoke about Democrat President Barack Obama’s foreign policy unravelling in the Middle East.

The post-debate reaction has been mixed. Biden drew criticism over his frequent interruptions of Ryan, as well as smirking, talking over and laughing whilst his opponent was speaking. Elsewhere, many feel Biden’s aggression was making up for the presidential debate last week in Denver, which was seen by many as disastrous on Obama’s behalf.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan


There is no sign yet that presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s surge since the first debate is going away. The latest national Gallup tracking poll, which was released on Friday, gave Romney, of the Republican Party, a two-point lead over the President, at 49-47%.

The likelihood of Obama winning the presidential election was also lowered on Friday from 80% cent, measured before the first debate, to 63%. The prediction was made by Intrade, which boasts an impressive record tracking the US elections.

President Obama has just about managed to maintain his edge, however, in some of the key swing states that are likely to decide the outcome of the election, which takes place on November 6th.

The Democratic president was reported to have spent yesterday preparing for the next presidential debate, which takes place on Tuesday the 16th of October in Hempstead, New York. The debate will be a town hall-style format, with citizens asking the candidates questions on foreign and domestic policy.

The third and last presidential debate is scheduled for the 22nd October in Boca Raton, Florida, and will focus on foreign policy.

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