Teatime and My Christian Name are a pair of short plays that tell tales from the north and the south, and will be showing at The Lantern Theatre this month.

Teatime explores what happens when three generations of a close-knit family live under one roof, but loose the capacity to communicate. However, one day at teatime, everything comes to the surface.

Jackie is fast approaching her 40th birthday and is trapped at home with her father who has Alzheimer’s, her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend. The play explores issues surrounding them living in such close proximity and how to parent a parent without feeling guilty. It poses the question of how one can resent the ones they love, yet the play offers no answers.

My Christian Name addresses what happens when self-perception and they way others see you are two very different things.

Mo is stuck in conflict about where and if he belongs; he has a Muslim ‘Christian name’, a Jewish surname, and Iranian mother and an English father. However, striking up an unlikely conversation with a local mechanic leads him to unlock the answers to his uncertain questions. This play is a witty yet tender piece that raises issues of identity, race, grief, and what it means to be a modern day Londoner.

You can catch this double bill of Teatime and My Christian Name on 17th, 18th and 20th October, with performances starting at 7.30pm. Tickets are £6 for concessions and £8 for adults and can be purchased here.