Ellie’s newly released single ‘Anything Could Happen’ from her new album Halcyon is refreshing and yet memorable of her first single ‘Starry Eyed’.

Ellie comes back with a new and acceptable single with ‘Anything Could Happen’, the lyrics are easy to remember and reveal Ellie’s exceptional voice. Although the single itself gives the impression that Ellie is bringing a new style and form to her new album, there is familiarity of her pass songs, which is enjoyable for fans of Ellie’s music and tempt new ones to join the club.

The single, by itself, is one that can easily be fallen for. After a couple of plays the lyrics can be easily followed and the beat is enjoyable to nod or dance along too. But personally, after hearing the song being played for several weeks it begins to get quite tedious. I need time to forget about it before listening to it again.

Regretfully, it is a song I would download to my iTunes album but not onto my iPod.