Jake Bugg’s eponymous debut album was released October 15th on Mercury Records. He has so far released 5 singles and earned a lot of media attention for his original sound. His songs with ‘down to earth’ lyrics and a unique voice, backed by a country guitar make for an interesting mix, but is very likeable.

‘Lightning Bolt’ feels exactly as the name sounds, it appears as something quite different. It is short and exciting and a track that completely grabs your attention. It was released earlier this year as a single and is a great first song on the album. The following two songs, ‘Two Fingers’ and ‘Taste It’ (also single releases) are of a similar mood. They are fast paced and comment on cheerfully moving on with life, despite what it has to throw at you. ‘Two Fingers’ has a refreshing outlook to past times, with particularly laid-back attitude about not hanging onto problems.

The following songs are surprisingly slower and the mood changes slightly. However, his style stays the same, and the change is not a bad one. The subjects of the songs are as strong and edgy as the starting trio, but with less of the casual air about them, making them more poignant. Some stand out songs are ‘Seen It All’ and ‘Note To Self’, with a catchy repetition of the chorus line sung beautifully, but with verses that hit a little deeper. ‘Slide’ and ‘Someone Told Me’ are both about lost love, and are equally moving. Along with the melancholy sound, they have his voice come out a lot clearer and really showcase what he can do.

The music is an uncomplicated sound, for most of the songs we just hear his voice accompanied by his guitar and some drums. Jake’s voice is really unique, with a quirky old fashioned tone to it. This particularly comes out in the final song, ‘Fire’, where it feels it could be an old recording and not a new release.

All the songs are short and sweet, with the shortest at 1 minute 45 seconds, and most not exceeding three minutes. However, with 14 tracks on the album, it certainly does not feel like there is anything lacking. Despite the change in pace at the beginning, the whole album progresses well and the tracks move into each other perfectly. The album is a great listen and promises more exciting things to come.