Liverpool Guild of Students will this week launch its Pound in your Pocket campaign.

The Guild will be asking students to tell them about their hidden course costs as part of their survey to find the real cost of a degree.

Asked why this was a priority campaign, President Sam Butler said that during the Guild’s big student survey three key areas were identified: graduate employability, learning and teaching, and student finance. The Pound in your Pocket campaign fits into the student finance part of this, and it was also a key pledge of Sam’s manifesto.

He said “We need to shine a light on the things students didn’t know they would have to buy before coming to university.

“Many students have no idea about the cost of, say, medical textbooks, and the university need to make these a lot clearer if they aren’t going to be absorbed into tuition fees.”


Pound Post Boxes will be found on campus where students can post their extra course costs, with the Guild bringing these together as receipts to present to the University.

These will be found in the Courtyard, libraries and other areas of campus throughout the week:

Monday 22nd October 12pm-2pm

Tuesday 23rd October 2pm – 4pm

Wednesday 24th October 12pm-2pm

Thursday 25th October 2pm – 4pm

Friday 26th October 12-2pm

Alternatively, students can fill in their costs here and tweet about their experiences using #LGoSLiving.

The National Union of Students’ began their Pound in your Pocket survey in December 2011, and are expected to release details of their findings in late 2012. Their interim report found that “Sixty four per cent of undergraduate respondents (including NHS students) said that they had been required to pay for materials, activities or other costs associated with completing their programme of study.

This is just one of a number of key campaigns at LGoS this year, with others being launched within the next few weeks.