Liverpool Life forum: live blog


Liverpool Life is the final forum of the four, which will today discuss the Police Commissioner elections and Arriva bus issues.

We will be joined by NUS Vice President Welfare Pete Mercer to debate the important of student voting.

Can’t come along? Join us for the live blog.

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:22 pm


That’s it for today’s forum – join us for the next round in November!

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:22 pm


The Arriva buses issue is clearly one that people are passionate about – we’ll be following up on this but if you want to share your views email

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:22 pm


Two councilors have been elected to Liverpool Life: Liv and Nada

The elections will reopen to elect two more at the next Liverpool Life forum.

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:21 pm


Arriva has promised another bus from Greenbank at 8.15am but this is not necessarily enough.

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:21 pm


Arriva buses…

How long have you waited for a bus?

What key things would improve the bus service?

What would improve travel across the city?

Is there an issue with not being able to get on Stageboach buses?

Let us know in the comments.

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:21 pm


What the Guild have been up to so far this year…

Sam: extensive training for all staff and lots of students

Explaining the National Student Survey at

Working with architects on the refurbishment of the Guild

Sitting on committees and working on student led teaching awards

Maggie: leading on Demo 2012 and presenting to other students’ unions on what we’re up to

Selecting the five key charities and beginning work with them

Creating the Societies in Schools project and working on Arriva bus issues

Chi-Chi: meeting with societies and creating training

Working on internationalisation including several talks on the subject

Preparing for Black History Month

Tom: Worked on the International Peace Day event

Preparing to launch the ‘Make the most of I.T’ project with the university

Bike security on campus with police officers and potential free dental care

Course rep recruitment and training across faculties

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:21 pm


The Guild has forms available to register to vote during these elections – pick yours up from reception.

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:21 pm


Pete Mercer:

It’s not unreasonable that students and young people will feel disenfranchised by this system, but without being at the table they will be unable to have their say on the issues that matter to them.

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:20 pm


Pete Mercer:

Other local issues might include street lighting or transport links.

It’s essential that we question these candidates about what they can do for students in this climate.

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:20 pm


Pete Mercer:

There are certainly a lot of issues that students could win on through these elections…

Hate crime – the statistics clearly show that is not on the decline. See the NUS Hate Crime Report here –

Joined up service delivery might resolve this as local centres are brought together.

Police tactics – kettling and other tactics such as horse charging have been used in recent years. It is a legitimate concern to ask these candidates about their take on the tactics.

Stop and search powers – the discrimination arising from these powers are a legitimate concern, including the legislation in the Education Act that allows stop and search powers for teachers.

The Prevent Agenda – seeks to thwart what the government sees as non-violent extremism. This has previously seen universities forced to release details of their Muslim students to the Police.

Anti-Social Behaviour – this blurs the lines of legality as it clamps down on legal behaviour. Students are often scapegoated for society’s issues.

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:18 pm


Pete Mercer:

Will Commissioners see students’ unions as a key stakeholder? How will students feel franchised in this system?

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:18 pm


Pete Mercer:

Policies may be based on generalisations and the views of the few.

The goals of those elected will be fairly short term, which is not necessarily effective on a local scale.

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:18 pm


Pete Mercer:

A major concern is the demonisation of youth, seen in the adverts for the elections which show a distinctly anti-youth narrative.

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:18 pm


Pete Mercer:

Electoral turnout is predicted at under 20% – this could be those who are already politically engaged getting more of a voice rather than those who are being lost in the system.

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:18 pm


Pete Mercer:

Regardless of your feelings on the elections, they are happening, so you should get involved.

Commissioners will deal with community support and local charitable organisations.

Local priorities could be skewed by this as organisations have to defend themselves on a regional basis.

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:18 pm


NUS VP Welfare Pete Mercer is introducing the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, taking place here in Liverpool on November 15 2012.

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:17 pm


The democratic structure of the Guild:

4 forums – Guild Life, University Life, Societies Life and Liverpool Life – which elect 4 leaders to student council, who send policy to the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is made up of the 4 SROs, 4 Student Trustees and 4 external trustees selected for their expertise

Millie Kidson 9 October 20129:17 pm


Vice President Maggie Hayes is introducing the SROs and the Liverpool Life forum.

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