A Liverpool student has today travelled to London to protest against land grabs with Oxfam.

The protest launches the international campaign against hunger on the eve of Oxfam’s 70th anniversary.

An area of land almost as big as Merseyside is to be sold off in less than three days, in countries that Oxfam argue are already “spiralling into hunger”. 

Oxfam are asking the World Bank to freeze land deals for sixth months to allow communities that rely on the land a chance.

Student Bridgette Lane said ”The rush for land is out of control: an area of land as big as Merseyside is being sold to foreign investors every four days and a half in poor countries.

“As a result people who are trying to grow food and feed their families are suffering hunger, violence and greater poverty.

“We must take action now- investments can be positive, but they need to be regulated to prevent abuse.”

Oxfam recently published a report entitled ‘Our Land, Our Lives’ that warns that over 60 per cent of investments in agricultural land by foreign investors between 2000 and 2010 were in developing countries with serious hunger problems, with a majority planning to export the valuable food resources.

Bridgette added “The World Bank can help stop these human rights abuses and ensure that investments help not harm poor communities.

“Investment should be good news for developing countries – not lead to greater poverty, hunger and hardship.

“After the Oxfam protest in London I am going to take the campaign to the people of Liverpool and Merseyside and work with them to put pressure on UK Government – if we make our voices heard, we can support farmers in poor countries to have enough land to grow their food – and that everyone has enough to eat.”

Oxfam was formed in 1942 to fight hunger in occupied Greece and today works in countries around the world to overcome poverty.