Liverpool has been given the go ahead for the full turnaround of cruise ships.

Liverpool City Council has agreed to pay back the £8.8m of the grant it received from the government to build the cruise facilities on Liverpool’s river front.

Tourists are now able to extend their stay in the city either side of their cruises.

It is thought that £1m per ship could be brought into the local economy. With up to 30 liners arriving into the city yearly, this could be a significant boost to the second fastest growing economy in the UK.

Liverpool’s cruise operations had been limited due to the use of the public purse to fund the facilities. Other major cruise ports of the UK had complained that the subsidies Liverpool had received were unfair, meaning only ‘day calls’ were allowed but no cruise could start or finish here.

After reviewing the situation the council has deemed it viable to repay the grants in order to compete with the other ports. The council is confident that the port will be a success after several optimistic surveys.

Liverpool scored the highest of all UK ports in the question: “Which port most influenced you to book this cruise?”

It also remains one of the country’s few ports which allow ships to dock in the heart of a city.