[4_stars ]

My eyes give everything away, or so I’ve been told. So, as you can tell, thanks to 1) too many late nights 2) being a chronic user of heavy eyeliner 3) Liverpool’s steady decline into the dark abyss of winter, they have been taking a beating as of late.

Luckily, I stumbled across No7 Beautiful Skin Overnight Revitalising Eye Balm which promises to improve puffiness and dark circles. “Hurrah!” I cried. But could it really be as good as it claimed?

Well…yes! My skin felt hydrated, it was easy to apply as it wasn’t sticky, and made my eyes feel soothed and smoothed. Frankly, it made me look more alive!

The only criticism I could make is that whilst it is refreshing upon initial application, it quickly soaks in and the cooling effect disappears almost instantly. It would have been nice for it to give a fresher feel for longer in order to be considered completely revitalising, but it did help to reinvigorate and moisturise my skin.

Nevertheless, pop this on before you go to sleep and by the morning you’ll be looking like you’ve had your full nine hours! Your eyes can lie for you this time, they owe you one…

£12, available at Boots

Image courtesy of www.boots.com