The Spectour IV is well underway now and, it is needless to say, Spector went down an absolute storm at O2 Academy Liverpool.


First up was Birmingham’s Swim Deep, who had people dancing and singing along already – quite a feat for a support band – with the new single ‘Honey’ going down particularly well.  It was a shame for Splashh, however, to have a major technical issue with the lead guitar cutting out during their set, though this still could not stop them putting on a really great performance.

Without a doubt, both bands delivered on Spector’s (possibly slightly biased) claim that bands beginning with the letter ‘S’ are awesome. Many hopeful screams from the audience began as the anticipation was building for the main act of the evening. After the support bands’ equipment was removed, a much less cluttered stage was revealed – Spector’s stage.   At last, the band came on, one by one, delighting the lively crowd of Liverpool and opening the gig with the track ‘Twenty Nothing’ from their album Enjoy It While It Lasts. No time was wasted in attaining a brilliant atmosphere and soon the concert was in full swing: you know that you’re at a Spector gig when Fred starts combing his hair halfway through songs.


Spector gave a perfect balance in their performance of the lively songs, the slower and the band’s direct exchanges with the audience, making the crowd really feel involved and a part of the show, and not merely onlookers. Feeling a ‘part of the show’, however, seemed to have a different meaning for the crowd surfers who had a few moments of glory onstage beside Spector, before finally being removed by security.
Eventually, the time came for Fred’s teasing that there were no more songs left to play, which provoked a huge response from the crowd, who launched into the greatly anticipated final song ‘Never Fade Away’ without needing any more prompting from Spector themselves, much to the band’s amusement.


All in all, the band put on a brilliant show, exploiting Fred’s iconic look and eccentricities which made the night what it was. Maintaining a fantastic atmosphere throughout the performance: Spector are definitely a band worth seeing.