Students are  facing huge queues for the Arriva 699 bus service on a daily basis, many having to wait a long time in the mornings to get from Greenbank and Carnatic halls to campus.

Sophie Howard, from Greenbank, said: “You have to wait for 40 minutes normally. At least two or three full buses pass here.”

Clare Shaw, also from Greenbank, said of the service: “It’s not really as good as I thought it would be. We spent so much on bus passes, you come in the morning, and people are queuing for ages. People are late for their lectures. You would expect to get regular buses.”

A bus pass for the full academic year costs £301.

As the buses start at Carnatic, by the time they reach Greenbank, they are often full.

Thomas Kirby, from Greenbank, said: “Half the buses are full before they get here. They should have more bus services, and one that starts at Greenbank.”

Long queues aren’t just confined to the mornings. Students also have to wait a long time to get back from campus, leaving many frustrated.

Lucinda Air, from Greenbank, said: “It’s a shame, because you’ve paid for your bus pass. There should be more buses.”

Liverpool Guild of Students President Sam Butler

“There’s a huge overcapacity”

Guild President Sam Butler says the problem is Arriva have sold too many passes. “I just think there’s a huge overcapacity. There’s also the issue that they’ve changed the timetables. They don’t do the peak services they used to do, so there are less buses.

“That has a knock-on effect, as every bus that comes, there’s more people trying to get on it. It doesn’t even itself out. There are just not enough buses I don’t think.”

He explained what the Guild is doing about the situation: “We’re working with the person at the University who’s in charge of it, and trying to liaison with someone at Arriva, but the person who deals with this has been on holiday for three weeks, so we’re only now actually getting in touch with someone.

“We’re also in the process of writing a petition, to get students to sign. That’s being finished now, so should be live by Monday.”

“Bombard me with emails”

“We’re going to hold a meeting at Greenbank halls, because that’s easy for students to get to. I’ve also asked students to send me, or email me, their name, student number, bus pass number and their official complaint in a couple of sentences.

“Just so we can collect some data really; so we can say to Arriva, look, it’s not been fixed. We really need raw data of the students who are angry. Bombard me with emails. I’ve got a meeting with Arriva, and the University, next week at some time, so get in contact as soon as possible.”

Arriva “aware there have been some issues”

A spokesperson for Arriva said: “We are aware that there have been some issues regarding the 699 student services being extremely busy at peak times, partly due to road works on the route [Smithdown Road] causing delays.

“We have a meeting scheduled with the President of the Liverpool Guild of Students to discuss any concerns and we are confident that any problems can be addressed quickly.”

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