Currently on tour with Spector and Splashh, Birmingham’s Swim Deep have been making quite an impression with their new single ‘Honey’ and apparently are also quite willing to discuss their favourite farm animals.

How is the tour going so far?

Yeah, really good – we’ve had a load of parties and a good time. The live shows are going really good as well, like everyone’s doing really well – lots of good vibes.

Lots of good feedback. Our live shows are growing. It feels like a little child growing into something.

Did you know the Splashh and Spector guys before the tour?

Yeah we knew both of them… we sort of made friends through gigs, like we supported Spector in Birmingham and we really got along and then we just met Splashh out in London, so yeah it’s good to be on tour with your friends – there’s like 20 of us!

We’re all good friends.

You guys seem to have a lot of fun on Twitter; do you have a big internet fanbase?

Not massive; I think we do compared to other bands of our size. I think it’s because we’re all active on Twitter… I don’t know, I think it’s because we all like to be nice to our fans.

Yeah, I don’t see the point in not replying to someone. If someone’s said something nice, then why not reply?

Like I’m not going to be pretentious just because I’m in a band.

That’s just… it’s just pretentious. It’s just pretentiously pretentious.

Do you find playing in Birmingham different to playing in other cities?

I think we will when we go back, we were talking about it the other day – it will feel like a homecoming, but like in the past it hasn’t been.

We get better reactions from elsewhere – we got better reactions from London, but I think when we go back to Birmingham this time it’s going to be different.

I’m really looking forward to it, I honestly can’t wait. I hadn’t thought about it like that.

How are you finding Liverpool, have you been out?

We went to the Cavern Club just. We went there and there was just some really annoying guy there playing covers of Oasis and The Beatles, but Liverpool seems fun. Everything seems really like in a really small space.

I didn’t know where we were. I thought we were in Hull today for some reason, because Cav said Hull and I thought we were in Hull. Liverpool. You’ll understand the mix up, right?


Have you always wanted to do music?

Yeah! I wanted to be a rapper. I think that’s the main thing that helps us bond so much and be such a team together because that’s the one inspiration we’ve all got: to do that kind of stuff. It’s all that motivation put into jamming and making songs and that’s what comes through in the songs… so bright and happy, I guess, because we’re all happy doing it.

Which of your videos has been most fun to film?

‘Honey’, definitely! Lots of paint, that’s the reason. It was so much fun. Hot babes and paint, what more could you want?

‘King City’ was really fun as well and that was the first time we’d been like followed around by a camera.

When someone pointed a camera at you you’d be kind of looking, like that! You’d get used to it but yeah it was good.

They felt proper; it felt like we were doing real music videos.

How do you go about writing songs together?

I kind of write the songs, but I don’t write every part of the song though, I’ll just write… a song and take it to the guys at band practice and then everyone just jams with it and it becomes a complete song, I guess. Everyone adds their own parts to it. It’s a really good way we’re working anyway.

What can people expect from your live shows?

Lots of hair flicking! Lots of fun. The feeling to dance, I guess. I want to dance when I hear our music, so… I’m sure everyone else does in the whole world.

A topless Zach, hair flicking and a camp Austin.

Yeah I turn real camp on stage. I’ve realised like a couple of times, I’ll do something and then think… there’s nothing wrong with that of course! It just feels weird. It’s like something possesses me and a camp Graham Norton comes over me on stage.

What are your future plans for the band?

Just to release loads of music and try and influence music in a really good way. Try and make people want to make good music and release it.

We’re writing an album as well.

I want to earn my leather trousers, that’s what I want to do.

Thank you!

Oh, is that it?

I can make up another question if you like…

Yeah, do it! Something that’s going to make us think about it. On the spot. It can be completely random.

What’s your favourite farm animal?

Mine’s a cow.

Mate, you should’ve thought about that a bit more!

It should be a horse, it’s on your top.

Oh yeah, a horse!

Mine’s a pig. A horse or pig.

Cows just sit there all day like ‘mooo’ out the blue. Out the moo.

Would a sheepdog count as a farm animal?

Yeah, fair play. We’ll go with that one.


Cool, thanks a lot.