The third episode of B.B.C’s period drama The Paradise reveals a tender side to the characters when Denise discovers a baby abandoned in the shop.

After the discovery of the small child, Mr Moray decides to keep the baby in the store in order to gain publicity for the Paradise. Despite this quite heartless action, his decision enables the viewers to see a warmer side to the characters. Even Miss Audrey, Denise’s boss who is notorious for being quite a stern mistress, warms to the child, quite comically after berating an employee for doting too much on the babe.

This third instalment reveals to the viewers some of the hidden secrets of particular characters. Clara (played by Sonya Cassidy), evidently Denise’s nemesis, tells the truth behind her ill-mannered actions when Mr Moray invites a number of orphans to visit the shop. This plot line is displayed very well in comparison to the other plots that are featured in this episode, which made it quite tedious to watch at certain points in the show. However, Clara becomes an interesting character to watch develop. The episode ends with uncertainty about whether Clara will now befriend Denise or still be her rival, despite the truth being out.

Mr Moray plays a more prominent role, and the death of his wife, which is treated with scrutiny, is discussed briefly. It is revealed that her passing was almost three years ago and yet Mr Moray cannot move on. Even the past affair he had with Clara, after his wife’s death, he views as ‘infidelity’. This leads viewers to question why he is struggling to get over it; especially after his friend’s comment that Mr Moray rarely spent any time with her when she was alive. These comments leave viewers to ponder why he is so saddened by her death, is it guilt or regret or perhaps something else that prevents him from accepting the advancements of Katherine Glendenning?

Speaking of Katherine, she has surprised expectations and decided to court another fellow! With this type of character, it is usually expected they will always pine over one love but Mr Moray’s limited interest in her has led her to accept the invitation of another.

With the departure of the child at the end of the episode and divulgement of certain secrets, it will be interesting to see how the next episode will develop.

You can watch the next episode on Tuesday at 9pm on B.B.C One, or catch up here.


Image from B.B.C website