Tight at the top – Vettel and Alonso

Sebastian Vettel’s third win in as many races in South Korea yesterday was enough to overtake Fernando Alonso at the top of the drivers’ standings, providing him with the perfect opportunity to go on to win a third F1 championship in a row. No one has done this since his German compatriot Michael Schumacher, who won his last five of seven titles between 2000 and 2004, and this would inevitably put the seal on Vettel’s status as one of the all-time greats of racing.

With Kimi Raikonnen down in third on 167 points, it appears that, with only four races to go, it will be a straight shoot-out between Vettel (215 points) and Alonso (209 points) to see which driver can elevate themselves onto the illustrious podium of three-time champions which includes greats such as Ayrton Senna and Jackie Stewart.

In what must be seen as the post-Schumacher era of F1, it is these two drivers who have dominated proceedings and it is only fitting that they should be fighting out for the title in one of the most entertaining championships in years, arguably since Lewis Hamilton’s last-lap victory back in 2008. Indeed, drivers such as Hamilton, Button and Webber have looked threatening over the past few years, but no two have been as dominant as Vettel and Alonso, with the latter’s talent far exceeding the quality of car he has been provided with.


Intriguingly, it has been reported that Vettel is set to join Ferrari in 2014, waiting to see if they are title contenders in the 2013 season before deciding whether or not to join them. Though he has been the best in F1 since joining Red Bull in 2009, this move will be a seen as a surprise to many who follow the sport, as it has been a dream of Vettel’s to win the drivers championship whilst sporting Ferrari’s infamous red overalls.

This will ultimately pit him against Alonso in a match up that will simply be unbeatable if Ferrari can get their car right; the question is, which one will the better of the other come 2014.