Ways to see the World: TEFL



Travelling is no longer a pastime reserved exclusively for the more affluent members of society. Today, there are numerous opportunities to explore the world and a variety of options available to those who wish to do so. TEFL  (Teaching English as a Foreign Language courses) are an affordable and accessible way for anyone to gain the skills, confidence and qualifications to allow them to become a successful English teacher abroad.

TEFL provides the opportunity to live, work and completely immerse oneself in the culture of another country.

The ability to speak English is a desirable skill across the world, and even despite the recession, demand for teachers remains high as people are prepared to invest time and money in learning a language that will increase their employability.

Within many Spanish speaking countries, the ability to speak English is an indispensable skill for anyone that wishes progress in academic or professional fields.

Thanks to a TEFL certificate, many native English speakers have been able to seize the chance to work abroad in a variety of locations; from Europe to South America. Participants are quick to recommend the experience to others.

Amy, from Surrey, described her employment package in Mexico as “amazing” – she received free accommodation and great wages, as well as getting free breakfast and lunch at her school every day.

TEFL is a fantastic way to fund worldwide travel, as wages and employment extras (like flights, accommodation and insurance) are often included. A TEFL experience allows for self-development, immersion within a local community and perhaps even the time of your life!

For further information on TEFL courses and working abroad, please visit: www.teflengland.co.uk


  • Jenny Scott

    The article fails point out a few very important facts for anyone thinking of teaching abroad. The first is that a simple TEFL certificate is not enough; virtually all countries ask for BA degree so it’s not really an option for students on a gap year.

    Also I don’t know about “Amy” but 99% of teachers I know (and I know a huge amount) do not have free accommodation (or if it is “free” then their wages are reduced accordingly) and NEVER get meals thrown in.

    Teaching English is an incredible experience but it can’t be sugar coated. Wages are low and conditions tend to be basic. I love the lifestyle and have taught all over the world – which is one of great benefits of TEFL – but it’s not for everyone.

    For those who are interested, this article is a much more down to earth look at what it’s like teaching English abroad.

    • Georgia Unsworth

      Perhaps you would be interested in writing an alternative feature about your own experiences for LSMedia? It would be interesting to get the perspective of someone who has experienced TEFL first hand.