#Demo2012 live report


Today, Wednesday 21 November, students from around the country will march in London during a national demonstration called by the NUS after this year’s national conference.

Liverpool students have been preparing for several weeks, and are expected to join with those from Hope, John Moores and Edge Hill to make their way to London.

Here on LSMedia, writers have shared their thoughts on the demonstration – take a look at ‘Why bother marching?‘ and ‘Are high tuition fees such a bad thing?’

Read NUS Vice President Society and Citizenship Dannie Grufferty’s views here.

All information about the route and event can be found on the #demo2012 website. iPhone users can download an app with legal advice and a find your friends feature. To add your voice to a collective social media ‘thunderclap’ click here.

Below you will be able to see, at a glance, all the latest news from London, as well as a Liverpool perspective from the LGoS officers and a look at the NUS officers’ reactions. To join the conversation, use #demo2012.

Follow @LSMediaUK or take a look below for the latest from our reporters, who will be tweeting pictures and information throughout the day. LSMedia will have a full report later this evening.

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