Personally, I can’t get enough of big eyebrows – I really do think they are the little extra thing needed to achieve that perfect look.  Take a look at this picture of Ann Hathaway for instance. She no longer looks like that beautiful girl we all want to be – to be honest she just looks a bit like an alien. Now I am not encouraging you to go out and get carried away with the ‘Scousebrow’ (voted number 1 worst beauty blunder by the Daily Mail, ahead of hairy legs, greasy hair and pierced finger nails) but just to accentuate what you already have. It is quick, easy, and won’t break the bank.

Firstly, pluck your eyebrows as normal. Remember, only pluck hairs from below your eyebrow – thin eyebrows are definitely not what we are after.

All you need now is a mirror and your eyebrow pencil – I swear by Rimmel’s eyebrow pencil, at only £2.99 from boots. Make sure you try a few shades out before buying.


After this, all you need to do is draw a little dot with your eyebrow pencil where you want your eyebrow to start. If you need a pointer hold your pencil upwards against your nose; where your pencil meets your eyebrow marks where the brow should begin.



Next, draw a dot at the highest point of the arch of your brow.



For step 4, draw a small dot at the end of your brow. Use your nose as a starting point for your pencil again, and this time go through the very outer corner of your eye to join your eyebrow. This point marks the end of your brow.





Finally, with your eyebrow pencil, use short light brush strokes to join the dots together. Using the brush, smudge these brushstrokes to make a fuller brow.

Your new eyebrow is now complete! After a bit of practise this can be achieved in a couple of minutes and easily incorporated into your everyday make up routine.

To create this look I use Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil priced at £2.99, available from Boots and Superdrug.

Of course, as easy as this technique is, if you find you are especially artistically challenged (or just really lazy), eyebrow stencils can be bought. Eyelashes Direct offer a range of styles for a very reasonable price:

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