With just a week to go until #demo2012, students spent the afternoon making placards at Liverpool Guild of Students.

The demonstration, which has been called by the NUS, will take place on Wednesday 21 November in London.

In a video recorded earlier today, Guild vice-president Maggie Hayes explained why students should get involved.

“This is going to be a really great opportunity for every student across the UK. We’ll be marching with students from across the country, to talk about issues that affect you, and your communities.

“This is about education; access to education in the first place, and access to it on your campuses. This is about employment; more employment for young people and the creation of jobs.

“And this is about empowerment; let’s hold politicians to account for policies they have broken.

“Keep buying your tickets. This will not work if you’re not there with us.”

There will be coaches  running from the Guild. Tickets are available from the LGoS reception, which cost £10, with £5 returned on the day.