Plenty of cookery shows being broadcast at this time of year, with an array of much-loved TV chefs offering heavily indulgent recipes. Nigel Slater’s 12 Tastes of Christmas is a two-part special, with the first episode airing last night. Filled with plenty of aromatic recipes and a cheeky trip to Norway to select a Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square, Nigel Slater’s festive offering is definitely something worth watching to get excited about Christmas.

In keeping with the style of his normal TV appearances, his cooking is easy to watch with his calm and gentle narration, complete with subtle festive music providing a backdrop to the show. There is no rush to get things chopped or blitzed up, as Slater keeps things simple and shows us a way to cook which is not hectic and stressful, but laid-back. His passion for food really comes across with his boyish excitement as he cooks up mouth-watering festive dishes.

Filled with classic Christmas ingredients such as cloves, cranberries and clementines, Slater jazzes up the simplest of cooking ideas and packs them with aromatic flavours, making them truly special culinary delights. With no time-saving shortcuts, Slater really savours the entire cooking process, choosing to slow roast his mulled lamb. Requiring minimal effort, he still creates a more luxurious meal. Whilst Slater may use slightly more expensive ingredients, he explains how to get the best from them, explaining why porcini mushrooms can be a worthy investment.

The episode ends rather sweetly in Trafalgar Square, showing the Christmas tree he picked earlier in the show being lit up.

In half an hour, Slater takes us on a quick tour around six of his tastes of Christmas, yet the show does not feel rushed at all; he truly shows cooking can be a simple, enjoyable and relaxing activity. With spare time in the Christmas holidays, why not give his recipes a go?

You can catch up with the show here, and find recipes here.