Following on from the issues of  communicationshousing, and societies and their funding, this blog aims to take a quick look at international students, and what the candidates running for the Guild elections have to say on the matter.

The University of Liverpool is home to a large number of EU and international students. In 2012, 11% of the university’s student population came from overseas.

Connecting with international students is an issue which has been highlighted in this year’s election. At the Candidate Question Time, held last week, the question was asked: “How do you strengthen the connection and communication with international students, under-represented groups, and people from different cultural backgrounds?” The following is how each candidate responded.

Hasan Abbasi

More international events, emphasising a cultural exchange.

Iustina Balan

Identify who needs targeting. One suggestion could be a type of speed-date cultural night.

Tom Bee

Promote dialogue and awareness of different needs.

Leigh-Angel Bevan

Regular nights, with a display of all the cultures from the university.

Sam Butler

See things through; tackle real issues with integration.

James Coe

Left on their own, it’s hard to integrate. Promote the Guild more.

Yangling Fan

Make programmes for mutual attractions between students.

Maggie Hayes

Focus on the problems faced with visas.

Victoria Lee

Focus on language barriers; offer free language classes.

Cait Lees

Buddy schemes, make sure these are open to everyone.

Peter Murden

Move marginalised groups into centre, and help languages translated, making it accessible.

Evelin Petkova

Stress the importance of LGoS.

Natasha Walker

Key point is getting feedback; questionnaires and polls on facebook.

Andrew Wills

Communications, by talking to people.

Roy Yan Cheun

Although not present at the hustings, his manifesto states that:

“Since there is a big number of international students in our University, we can take advantage of the cultural diversity, i.e: put some events like language swap, get international students introduce their own cultures, as well as help these late comers to catch up with the English culture.”

Candidate manifestos

You can read the full manifestos from each candidate here.