The Body Shop offers a wide range of nature-inspired products for the face, body, hair and home. This mask comes from one of its most popular facial skincare ranges – the tea tree range, marketed at customers with blemished skin. Typical of The Body Shop with its strong Community Fair Trade values, the organic tea tree oil is sourced from the foothills of Mount Kenya, where they make claims of encouraging sustainability and environmental preservation.

This mask is available online or in The Body Shop stores, and retails at £10.00 (on the pricey end) for the 100ml pot. It claims to “instantly cool, cleanse, soothe and refresh the skin; help remove impurities; and absorb excess oil.”the_body_shop_hi-res

How to use? Its instructions read: “Use once or twice weekly after cleansing. Smooth a thick layer onto the face and neck avoiding the lip and eye area, using fingertips. Leave for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse with clean water. Mask does not dry.”

I was excited to try this mask because of its unusually high ratings on The Body Shop website (4.7/5) and all of the ravings about it; I was not in the least bit disappointed. The colour of the mask is green, which leaves you looking like The Hulk’s twin, and it has a strong menthol scent that is typical of tea tree oil products. The consistency is quite thick, and a little bit of it goes a long way. It feels really cool and tingly on the face, and in my experience, does dry up after about 10 minutes. I usually leave it on for 20-30 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, you might want to avoid leaving it on for too long because it does start to sting after a while.

After washing the mask off, the face feels instantly softer and smoother, and looks clearer. It leaves the face matte, but not dry. Active acne spots seem to diminish in size also. With regular, prolonged use – at least once a week – I have seen improvements in the texture and tone of my skin and experienced fewer breakouts.

However, I’d say the best use of the mask for me, is as a spot treatment. Putting a blob of it on a spot/blemish overnight leaves it dried out by morning.

It might be beneficial to steam the face prior to using the mask to open up the pores and loosen up dead skin, to allow impurities to be lifted easier. Additionally, it should only be applied on a thoroughly cleansed face.

I definitely think this mask is worth the price tag, and I’ll be sure to repurchase! Although it’s tailored towards acne-prone or blemished skin, it is gentle enough for use by anybody for a fresh faced feeling.