Liverpool has one of the best food scenes going – it’s a crime that most students don’t stray further than Subway! Here’s a handful of our favourite spots in the city centre.

A&J’s, South Hunter Street

This gaming oasis is on JMU campus, but we’re not letting them keep it to themselves. Best with company: order something from the themed menu (Peach’s Pancakes? Legend of Feta: Hummus of Time?!), get comfy, then get stuck into a Pokémon battle. You aren’t true friends until you’ve had a sulk over who really lost…

Almost Famous, Parr Street

Their recent jaw-lockin’ PR stunt was beyond tacky, but Almost Famous remains the best trash food place in town – think vodka apple pie shakes, bacon fries and burgers spilling out of their buns. Order a stack of fried food, snog a stranger in the photo booth, feel filthy for the next week and then do it all again.

Paolo & Donato’s, Williamson Square

Two words: Nutella gelato. Possibly more importantly, these guys know how to make coffee – good, strong stuff with a proper crema, not the dishwater in Costa. Their menu also boasts a range of pastries, sandwiches and pizza around the £3 mark.

Teagather Café, Myrtle Street

Forget Wok & Go – Teagather serve up real Chinese food quickly and in gigantic proportions, and if you don’t finish your meal (you probably won’t) you can take it with you. They also do English breakfasts, but if you ask me, that kind of defeats the point.

Maguire’s Pizza Bar, Renshaw Street

There are other, equally great pizza bars in Liverpool, but Maguire’s veggie, vegan and gluten-free offerings are what make them stand out. Relax, they make meat pizzas too. They’re also one of the best spots in town for local bands and stand-up comics.