Photo (c) Liverpool Debating Union 2013

Photo (c) Liverpool Debating Union 2013

On Tuesday 24 September Liverpool Debating Union held their first public debate of the academic year, with the motion ‘This House Celebrates the Death of Violent Dictators at the Hands of the Opposition’.

Held in Liverpool Guild of Students, the debate was set in the hypothetical world where the Free Syrian Army had captured Assad. The proposition presented the case that they should shoot him on the spot, while the opposition presented the case that free trials were the better option.

Speaking for the proposition were Nissim Massarano and Natalie Burles, who are due to attend the World Universities Debating Championship in India this winter. On the opposition bench were Jack Stanley and Edward Eden.

After a heated and lengthy debate, the chair (Liverpool Debating Union’s President, Hannah Clare) called the vote, asking the audience both who they believe won the debate and who they believe spoke best. The opposition won both votes, and so the motion failed.

For more information on Liverpool Debating Union and what they do, please visit Their next public debate is due to be held on Tuesday 15 October, in association with the International Debate Education Association.