Into the finals we go, and the Great British Bake Off has gone into its last leg of the crazy flour covered race! With only 3 bakers left, prepare yourself for the last episode of harder bakes, sweatier foreheads, spikier hedgehog hair from Paul and of course more god damn awful puns from Mel and Sue. Throughout the weeks we have seen one by one, the passionate bakers drop like flies. In the all ladies quarter final, Christine was the one to leave the incredible process; the Godmother of the GBBO had gone. And what had remained was the younger generation of crazy baking mad Tony Sopranos’. Is this an indication that baking is now run by the younger generation? Will Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry be shoved aside next year for younger, wrinkle free judges? Who knows?

The fact is, baking being embraced by the younger generation is fantastic, that the oldest finalist is 31 disproving the stereotype that baking is only for elderly people cooking their retirement away. But that is how the 21st century has transformed baking from the mundane malt loaf classic to trendy, a la mode, petit four (everything sounds so much more fancy in French, doesn’t it?). Even when Christine tried to take on the hip electric guitar in her final week, she still lagged behind the younger generation and didn’t compete to the massive toadstools and incredibly detailed allotments. Ruby, 20, is leading this bake off with her low confident bakes. As soon as she places down the extravagantly decorated and passionately flavoured bakes, she completely slates and underestimates her own ability but then acts like a little deer in head lights when she is awarded star baker, just showing how baking is all about trying something new, and especially in Ruby’s case, just completely winging it.
Since series two of the show aired, sales of baking trays have increased by 25 per cent and baking ingredients are up 10 per cent. That small little fact just shows how Britons were born to bake, we have the passion and the self-deprecation to make a cake that we have never even heard of, having no clue what it looks like, with the possibility of it tasting like something that should be eaten by your dog. But let’s admit it; there is nothing better than tucking into a home-baked Victoria Sponge. That’s because when baking goes right, god it tastes good. I think that’s why the younger generation has led this new craze, the sweetness of their childhood needs to be relived and we will do anything to keep our youth alive.GBBO13