The Bavarian themed Bierkeller in Liverpool One is widely known for its large range of beers.  Now, in partnership with local firm Joe Black Coffee, the chain is expanding to ride the wave of demand for specialist coffee.

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Spend enough time in Liverpool city centre and you will no doubt see one of Joe Black Coffee’s vans.  The company, based in Bootle and Liverpool, are specialists in roasting and delivering beans.  With over 1000 permutations, the company provides more choice of product for their mainly commercial clients.   Supplies can be tailored to the business’ produce, in Bierkeller’s case complimenting their selection of beer when the range launches the 1st of November.

This is part of a larger trend of specialist coffee being more readily available in the city.  Coffee may be hard to avoid in a modern high street, but until recently has been dominated by a few select brands.

The recent rise of small local coffee shops has become a norm, helped after the backlash over Starbucks’ tax practises. Liverpool venues such as Bold Street Coffee or Moose Coffee are aimed at this market.  But this trend is no longer limited to premises who focus on coffee.  Companies such as Joe Black or Bean Coffee aim to expand this product type to venues where coffee is not a focus such as restaurants and hotels.