Chocoholics were treated to a night totally dedicated to their favourite vice at Camp and Furnace. But the question remains, was it worth the trip?

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Right in time for international chocolate week, which started on 14th October, Camp and Furnace hosted a special chocolate coated food-slam on Friday the 18th. The event was a celebration of the finest chocolate in all its forms, whether food or drink, with the Grand Garden Stall boasting chocolate-themed eats that were as unique as they were delicious.

The sticky pigeon breast with chocolate covered bacon, blackberries and Divine Chocolate & coffee espuma mousse was an early favourite to be the culinary highlight of the evening, though the steak and chorizo meatball sub with spinach and parmesan and the sea bass with samphire, sea aster and pickled girolles were both still very much in contention.


However, it was the dark horse known as Chicken Yakitori that well and truly stole the show. Accompanied by spinach, macadamia nuts, pickled ginger and miso dressing, this succulent grilled chicken skewer captured the perfect balance between sweetness and tang with its soy-based marinade and left all who tasted its wonder clambering for more.

photo 3

Chicken Yakitori

Not only was there tantalising food on offer, there were also plenty of chocolate cocktails, or choctails, to wash down the delicious pigeon breast. Drinks like a chocoholics take on a Manhattan, the Incan Manhattan, the orange-tinged coffee/chocolate cocktail hybrid, Mocha Batida, and the drink that speaks for itself, C&F Divine Autumn Shake:

honeycomb and Divine chocolate milkshake spiked with Eristoff Vodka and Krupnik Honey liqueur and garnished with mini marshmallows.

photo 2

C&F Divine Autumn Shake

If that doesn’t make you feel all warm and gooey inside then I don’t know what will.

To put the icing on the chocolate cake, all the chocolate was supplied by the leading Fairtrade chocolate company, Divine Chocolate. So not only was the event a sensory overload of chocolaty goodness, it was also ethically sourced and there is not much of a better feeling in life than helping out your fellow humans.

However, an event offering such outstanding food and drink is bound to come with a downside and this food slam’s downside was price, with dishes and cocktails ranging from £5 upwards. On a student budget this is the kind of event that you would treat yourself to every now and then; probably in the week after your student loan has come in and the reality of budgeting for the rest of the year hasn’t set in yet.

Despite this, all round the chocolate-covered food slam was definitely a chocoholic’s dream. The novel touch of chocolate covered bacon was a taste sensation, as the deep, earthy sweetness of the Divine chocolate expertly offset the saltiness of the bacon, and the tender pigeon breast, with a truly unique texture and flavour, offered a food experience that I doubt I will be experiencing again anytime soon. It is these unique little touches that justify the hefty price tag and make Camp and Furnaces’ food slam such a must-catch event to anyone who considers themselves a bit of a foodie.