F*CK Club at Motel

Sunday nights in Liverpool are about to get a bit more exciting.

Motel Bar (Fleet Street) launch their new weekly club night, F*CK, on Sunday 27 October and you can count us in.

Mixing up live sets, films and classic rock playlists, F*CK offers up something a little different to standard club fare. It’s a reboot of the original night at Korova, but the space is smaller, stripped down and more intimate.

DJ Ivan Hell said, “We’re not interested in playing indie hits. This night is for people who get excited about the idea of going out for a drink and listening to stuff such as Brian Jonestown Massacre, Neutral Milk Hotel, Deerhunter, Suicide, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins…”

The first F*CK Club will feature live sets from Songs About Death and special guests; the film projector will be showing rare Andy Warhol films, including Chelsea Girls. Entry is free.