Having already released several singles including ‘It Might Be’ and ‘Situations of You’, Swedish band Honeymilk are soon to release their debut album Lean on the Sun.

Current single ‘Light Entertainment’ is the first song to be taken from the band’s forthcoming debut album, which was recorded by the band themselves in nine days (accompanied by some cats and a trampoline) and is set for release in early November.

Honeymilk has enjoyed a great reception in their home country of Sweden, as well as here in the UK, where the band has received praise from the likes of Amazing Radio.

Ahead of their return to the UK, the band took some time out to chat the LSMedia about the recording, band name, and first gigs ever.

How did you guys meet and how long have you been together?

I think we started out in about 2006, but then we had a lot of changes, so really, this band started out last year actually.

But the four of us, we started out in 2011; me and Nikki met at a show in Kalmar, which is a student town in the south of Sweden, and he just slept on my couch really. After a party and there was a bunch of guys throwing eggs at him.

The truth of the story is I played with my former band in Kalmar and we met, and we had a party. And from then on we’ve been inseparable, basically.

Oh yeah, and then you invited us over to a show in your hometown, which really… it escalated and it was kind of chaotic, and our bass player disappeared for nine hours and the cops went looking for him for a while.

And that was the first time we really hung out.

What made you decide on your band name?

That’s a long short story!

It was a spur of the moment-

Lack of imagination, and someone just said the two words ‘honey’ and ‘milk’ and I think we decided that yeah, that sounds awesome.

We were in a rush and we had sort of a deadline on coming up with a new name last year, and I think we saw this commercial for milk and… Honeymilk!

Honey is a cool name.

I don’t know if it’s a cool name, but there’s a band in Sweden called Honey Is Cool, so honey must be cool. For us, when we said it it sounded good. Either you like it or you hate it!

Can you tell me about the video shoot for ‘Light Entertainment’?

Well I have a couple of friends working for production, so they came up with this idea and we attached cameras to the front of a car, and drove around in Stockholm.

Very basic, and everything else – it’s good! Good footage.

How would you describe the rest of the album in relation to ‘Light Entertainment’?

I think… versatile.

It’s not like eight completely different songs, I mean there’s a sound I think we’ve attached to it.

I think there is some sort of typical sound on the album, but the songs – they differ from each other, which I think you will hear when you listen to it. I think every song is very good! I think it’s a very thorough album. We’ve been working on it for quite a while, and I think the songs are maturing in a good way.

Some songs are quite dark, atmospheric-wise, but some songs are more upbeat. I don’t know if that’s the right word for it, but something like that.

Do you have a story you can tell about the recording of the album?

Well the recording itself – we needed to come up with a place to record it. We needed either a large room that we could have access to all the time, or like a house or whatever, so my boss at the place I worked said we could use her house, which is out in the woods outside of Stockholm. We had the house to ourselves for a week – nine days.

So we bought all our own equipment and so we recorded it all ourselves, or our drummer did, and we stayed there for nine days.

We hung out with ourselves, and no one else, and three cats.

One was lame, I think.

One was like dying.

But it was fun, we’d never done anything like that before. As well as nine days of recording, it was also nine days of just hanging out together and doing stuff together.

We had a pool and we had a trampoline, so we had a kind of mini holiday.

Until 6am every day, and I would be down early, waking everyone up.

And the album doesn’t really have a theme, lyric-wise – the lyrics aren’t really bound together in any way, like many bands do. It’s just eight songs that are on the same album, really.

Can you tell me about your first gig ever? It doesn’t have to be with Honeymilk.

Well, the first gig ever with Honeymilk I remember was at this very good gig. It was very fun. But my first gig ever, I vomited, I was so nervous.

My first gig ever was probably when I was like eleven, in a cafeteria in school. It was me on guitar and then a drummer, and it was not very good.

But is it supposed to be good the first time you play in front of people? Maybe if you’re an American band you’re supposed to be good from the beginning.

Are there any particular bands that influence you?

I think we’ve all got different influences and that’s what makes us unique – that’s kind of vain to say – but we’ve all got very different views on what we think is good music, and sometimes that leads to arguments.

I think we can all agree that Primal Scream is a great band.

We try to mix it up with different styles. I think that is necessary to create something that is interesting.

What was the last gig that you went to?

The last gig I went to was Smith Westerns, here in Stockholm, I think it was last Monday.

Mine was Built to Spill, last Thursday I think.

Are you looking forward to playing in the UK?

We’re very much looking forward to playing in the UK, it’s the first time for us as a band there. Which is exciting! Both of us have lived there for a period of time and we believe it’s the right place for our music.