Nothing upsets me more than the absence of sweets in the house. Don’t worry – we will solve this problem. Even if you don’t have any chocolate bars at home you still can cook a tasty dessert which is a great alternative to unhealthy manufactured goods.

When I was a first-year student and found this recipe, it became impossible for my family to keep any packs of milk and eggs in the fridge as I converted it to tons of vanilla pudding, which still remains my favourite quick-cooking dessert.


500 ml milk

2½ tablespoons of corn flour

1 egg

30 g sugar

¼ teaspoon of vanillin (for flavour)


1. Place the saucepan with milk on the medium heat, pouring six tablespoons of milk into the cup.

2. Add corn flour in the cup of milk and stir thoroughly, after that add vanillin, sugar and egg .

3. When milk begins to boil, set low heat and add the cup of milk with mixed ingredients.

5. Brace yourself, guys, as it’s the most difficult and responsible part of the whole cooking process. It’s utterly important to stir the medley thoroughly for five minutes without letting the milk burn to the saucepan bottom.  

6. Fill in the moulds with pudding medley and leave to cool for 2 hours in the fridge. 

You can fill in one big plate with pudding and without waiting until it thickens enjoy delicate taste.

But that’s not all! Also you can bake it in the oven until lightly brown on top.

Add berries or fruits if you like – this dessert tastes great in any way, and, moreover, it is much healthier than purchased sweets, and contains a lot of protein so it’s impeccable for breakfast or a snack.