With smoke machines and disco balls making themselves apparent upon first entering The Kazimier, the retrospective tone of the evening was set for the self-described “psychedelic” Kettering based four piece, Temples, to take to the stage last night as their UK tour arrived stylishly in Liverpool.

Anglo-Welsh rockers and support act for the evening, Telegram, were first to set the “psychedelic” and blast-from-the–past trend of the evening as the four piece, Matthew, Matthew, Moon and Cook arrived on stage, with fashionable non-chalance, met with the difficult task of pulling a half-seated audience, skimpy on numbers at this time, on to their feet and to the front of the venue ready for the evening. In successfully taking the audience to their feet, Telegram proceeded to roll out a series of songs based on heavy, rock n roll riffs whilst adding ample amounts of glam, making them a perfect choice for the getting the audience ready for the main act.

Arriving ten minutes late, at 9:25, yet undoubtedly in style, Bolan-esque lead singer James Edward Bagshaw clad in a sequin and sparkle ensemble with glittery eyeshadow, spray on jeans and a mass of curly hair to match led the remaining three members, bassist Tom Warmsley, drummer Sam Toms and keyboardist Adam Smith on stage to begin their set. By this time, the audience, a sea of mostly young people, the majority of whom were rather expectantly following in the large hair, skinny-jeaned fashion were gathered towards the stage as the band were met with a lively crowd, waiting in anticipation.

The band began with one of the lesser known tracks of the set, “Sun Structures”, which initially seemed to suggest the ensemble may be more style over substance as it was sub-par in comparison to the visual spectacular of the band members themselves. However, the band followed their first song with tracks “Prisms” and “Colours to Life”, shaking off this notion and succeeding in taking the crowd from almost stationery to full of motion as they listened to the psychedelic, nostalgic riffs of their more renowned songs. The band successfully managed to bring the glam-rock psychedelica of their recorded tracks to the live performance.

The highlight of the set was no doubt “Keep in the dark”, an upbeat track most reminiscent of the sound of T-Rex. As the band were met with hecklers from the side of the stage, Bagshaw, lead singer and guitarist, told them to “get in the crowd” and “get off your phone” which was met by an onslaught of cheers for the charismatic singer from the now lively and high-spirited crowd. After giving praise to the rest of the audience watching from the crowd in front, the band followed with “Keep in the dark” and the audience was well and truly dancing with an uplifted and boisterous spirit. The band finally ended with one of their most popular tracks, “Shelter Song”, an excellent choice in keeping the psychedelic spirit of the night alive, still resonating as the crowd poured out of the venue at 10:15pm.