Student council 2013

New sixteen members of student council

This year’s representatives for the student council were elected on Tuesday evening.

Held in the temporary guild site’s Gilmour room, four students were elected for each section council; guild life, university life, society life and Liverpool life. All LGoS student officers were present in running the event.

Guild life, currently run by guild president Sam Butler, focuses on guild policy, student opinion and shaping how the guild runs. The positions were taken by Kate Holmes, Andrew Newell, Ricki Hewitt and Katie Foy.

Those who will now run Liverpool life, which is concerned with student experience more widely throughout the city are Danniella Persaud, Yucheng Zhoy, Jonathan White and Tom Carroll.

Members introduced what they could contribute to the council, including the perspectives of foreign and local students, as well as LGBT and feminist discussions.

University life was the only election which had more candidates than positions, and each was given one minute to introduce themselves and how they could improve student life. Hannah Ladd-Jones, Alexander Ferguson, Alasdair Bruce and Margaret Henderson came out on top.

Leigh-Angel Bevan, the officer who represents society life, encouraged women to stand for positions due to frequent under-representation. The result was equal in gender with Julia O’Regan, Jack Adcock, Sam Jones and Emma Sims.

During intervals there were a series of debates, including the legalisation of cannabis and the leadership of Margaret Thatcher, and those attending showed enthusiasm in the discussions.

Council forums will commence in November.

For more information about the student council and the guild officers, visit the LGoS website.