Staff at university expected to strike due to unfair contracts

A report released today on Thursday 17 October, written by the Young Greens of England and Wales, shows the University of Liverpool to be the 17th worst university for a fair pay ratio between the Vice Chancellor and the lowest paid staff.

With a wage of over £300k a year, and 38 members of staff with a wage of over £140k a year, the University beats Liverpool John Moores (44th) and other high flying universities like Durham (33rd) and the London School of Economics (25th). Unlike some of the other high flyers however, the University of Liverpool pays no staff a living wage.

This follows reports that staff at the university are due to strike due to unfair contracts, something also highlighted in the document. With the ratio between the Vice Chancellor and support staff being 22:1 at it’s highest, it appears that their concerns are justified.

Young Greens press Vice Chancellor to reduce gap

The report is written as part of the Young Greens’ Fair Pay Campus Campaign, working to reduce the ratio between the highest and lowest paid workers in universities throughout the country.  It asks the Vice Chancellor to commit to five campaign pledges which are:

1. To publish the wages of themselves and their highest paid management staff
2. To publish the ratio between themselves and the lowest paid workers
3. To commit to paying all workers a living wage (£7.45 per hour)
4. To commit to paying all contractors a living wage
5. To commit to working towards a ratio of 10:1

Chair of Liverpool Young Greens, Hannah Clare said “it’s no surprise to me that the University of Liverpool comes in so high, but it’s a massive disappointment. Liverpool Young Greens are committed to ensuring all of Liverpool’s universities become fair pay campuses”

To view the report, click here. For more information on Liverpool Young Greens, and what they’re doing in the Fair Pay Campus campaign, you can like their Facebook page here