Bastille hit the Academy in Manchester for a much-anticipated sold out show on October 22, alongside Manchester’s own Swiss Lips and the beautiful Chlöe Howl.

Opening the gig was Swiss Lips, with their infectious energy already rubbing off on the crowd, while lead singer of the electro-pop band Sam Hammond enthusiastically announced the great feeling of playing to such a huge audience in the band’s hometown.

Swiss Lips were closely followed by Chlöe Howl, a brilliantly talented 18 year old whose music tells it how it is when it comes to being a teenager – named by Chlöe herself as ‘steak and kidney pop’.

To the absolute (and very noisy) delight of the fans, Bastille were soon to follow. In between playing hit after hit, the band declared to their ‘loudest crowd ever’ that Manchester is one of the best places to play – ‘and we’re not just saying that’.

Bastille ended the show with a bang – their eagerly awaited and insanely popular track ‘Pompeii’, which the crowd started chanting several songs before and continued to do so a long while after the gig was over.

Still enjoying the immense success of their debut album Bad Blood, released earlier this year and proving to be incredibly popular, the band are to release album All This Bad Blood on November 25.

This is made up of Bad Blood and also includes another CD with both new and old songs, comprising of some of the band’s mixtape tracks from Other People’s Heartache, which Dan says ‘feels like a complete representation of what we have done so far and what we’d like to do in the future.’

Watch the video for the band’s new single ‘Of the Night’, also set for release on November 25, and is a definite live favourite for fans.