Faith celebration begins at University of Liverpool

The Liverpool Guild of students is currently hosting Interfaith Week, which celebrates the diverse selection of faiths in Britain.

The events throughout the week will include trips to places of worship around the city, and society-led workshops including introductions to different religions.

So far the Guild has held visits to the Gudwara and Hindu Temple, and offered an exploration of Hinduism.

The peak of the week in on Wednesday, when faith societies, Faith Express and all students who wish to take part will gather at the guild at 1pm. After a series of presentations on different faiths there will be a ‘walk of faith’, which will visit houses of worship across the campus and city. The event will finish with a ‘faith food feast’, where participants can sample a selection of cultural dishes, and take part in an inter faith quiz.

“It’s a time for extending existing bonds of cooperation and friendship and creating new ones” – IFN Co-Chairs

The celebration is held nationwide from Sunday 17 November until Saturday 23 November in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. The event aims to Strengthen good inter faith relations at all levels, and increase awareness of faith communities in the UK.

Events are still very much under way at the University of Liverpool with an introduction to Judaism on Tuesday, and Islam on Thursday. The week will be wrapped up by lunch bars with the Christian Union.

For the full schedule, visit the LGoS event page.