Bakchich is an exciting, new Lebanese restaurant that combines traditional cuisine with a contemporary new feel but how well do old world Lebanese dishes translate to a modern, western palette?

Opening up recently, Bakchich specialises in classic Lebanese dishes but takes them to the next level. From enticing mezze platters to delicious Lebanese pastries to charcoal-grilled meats: what these dishes lack in innovation, they more than make up for with flavour.

Bakchich seem to subscribe to the philosophy of “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” and it is clear that nothing is broke here.


Providing some of the best falafel you can get your hands on in the whole of the North West, let alone Liverpool, their aim appears to be to make the best and most flavourful version of Lebanese street food possible.

Despite this lack of uniqueness in terms of Middle Eastern cooking, it is clear that they are providing a quality dining experience for the underserved Middle Eastern population in Liverpool. After all, how many other Middle Eastern restaurants can you name in Liverpool?

With this in mind, what could be perceived as Bakchich’s biggest flaw, sticking to tried and tested recipes, becomes one of its biggest successes due to its ability to transport you to an entirely distinct culinary world. And with the delicious flavours that they manage to impart into the classics, there is no need to justify their penchant for the traditional.



So if you want, traditional Lebanese cuisine with mouth-watering flavours then Bakchich is your place to go. From the quintessentially Lebanese menu to the homely, welcoming décor of the restaurant to the unique drinks menu offering a whole host of unorthodox smoothies and juices, Bakchich transports you to a completely different land and with food as good as this, you may just never want to leave.