The second installment of the Smithdown Tour, and this time we headed to Manna restaurant, in between Langdale Road and Borrowdale Road to get a tasty takeaway.

Manna restaurant specialises in East Asian cuisine, and it has a similar vibe when entering to the popular chain ‘Wagamama’; a Japanese restaurant and noodle bar. The tables are laid out in straight rows with benches either side. This is a perfect set up for students – a layout as if a normal takeaway restaurant yet the food is of superior taste and quality.

To begin with, we started with siu mai, one of the restaurant’s favourites which are 4 steamed pork dumplings. This delightful starter was accompanied with a dish of soy sauce and seemed to be the perfect amount for a starter.

For my main course I was treated to King prawns in satay sauce with fried rice on the side. The satay sauce was lovely and smooth, with a bit of a kick to it, but I noted how generous the portion of king prawns was and couldn’t complain about any of the flavours from the beautifully prepared dish.


Manna is very reasonably priced, with a two course meal costing less just under £10 and of a high quality; it is definitely a place to recommend to other students in search of tasty food in high quality and low cost.



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