It can be hard to choose between the best restaurants in the thriving Liverpool restaurant scene. There is just so much good food to be found, seemingly, on every street and round every corner of Liverpool. So, with that in mind, I give you my essential guide to the best eating places on Hope Street.


The Clove Hitch

Providing a modern take on transatlantic cuisine, The Clove Hitch boasts one of the nicest, and most calorific, breakfasts in Liverpool, with their pancake, streaky bacon, fried egg, hash potatoes, maple syrup and toast laden masterpiece the Broadway Breakfast. This American twang spans beyond breakfast with delicious burgers, such as the jalapeno-drenched El Diablo or the chicken, avocado and lime masterpiece West Coast Burger. However, this restaurant has so much more to offer than just American diner food, with Steaks, Swordfish, Seafood Linguine, Rump of Lamb and so much more.


Philharmonic Dining Rooms

One of the only things that can match the Philharmonic’s majestic exterior is its food. Leaning more towards pub grub than any of the other restaurants on this list, the Philharmonic Dining Rooms offer homegrown, hearty food with a classy touch. Take, for instance, their oak smoked chicken liver pate or their Iberian Black pig and apple burger, which take a unique twist on traditional pub grub to add a bit of class and a touch of something special; like so much of the Philharmonic’s menu.



The Mediterranean-themed eatery, Ego, specialises in tantalising tastebuds with mouth-watering meals that pack a real punch when it comes to flavour. With standout dishes like Andalucian Pork Fillet, Boeuf Bourguignon, Pollo di Milanese and Iberian Belly Pork, a meal at Ego is guaranteed to cater to all your carnivorous desires. As if that wasn’t enough, Ego hosts a steak night every Tuesday from 5pm that showcases top quality cuts of meat ranging from 21 to 28 days aged. If you’re a meat-eater then you need to eat here.


London Carriage Works

The London Carriage Works may possibly be the most fine-dining-esque restaurant on this list. Boasting such gourmet dishes as Loin of English Rose Veal and Assiette of Blackfaced Suffolk Lamb, this is definitely a classy establishment. However, such quality does come with a price tag and this is the most expensive restaurant on the list so unless your parents or your overdraft are paying then it might be a bit of a stretch. With such incredible food on offer though, it is definitely worth sampling their dishes at least once during your time in Liverpool.



With incredible pan-Asian dishes, Host is a must for anyone with a penchant for Asian cuisine. Whether you’re a noodleholic or a curry connoisseur, Host will not disappoint with its delicious selection of Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Singaporean dishes. Dishes like Home Jasmine Tea Smoked Salmon, Duck and Watermelon Salad and Yellow Seafood Curry ensure that you are in for a truly unique experience and with the quality of Host’s food, it is guaranteed to be as spectacularly tasty an experience as it is unique.



This unassuming eatery creates some of the nicest, gourmet cuisine available in Liverpool; their main rivals on this list, if there was a league table of fine-dining establishments, would be The London Carriage Works. Monkfish, Lamb, Cumbrian Beef, Lemon Sole Fillet and Cornfed Chicken Breast, their menu has anything you could possible ask for in terms of meat. 60 really knows how to deliver on presentation and their finishing touches elevate their dishes to being up there with the best in Liverpool.