Having just passed Halloween and now reaching November, I think it’s safe to start bracing ourselves for the Winter season. A season which consists of icy winds, a lack of sun and drying central heating – a multitude of things which aren’t so friendly to our skin. Of course, Winter isn’t all that bad, but our skin would appreciate it a lot more if we we’re prepped and ready for action. So to kickstart Winter ’13, I’ve decided on three key steps to keeping your skin happy in these coming months. Trust me, it’ll thank you for it!


It’s a well known fact that the key to glowing skin in any month is exfoliation but this becomes a necessity in Winter. As your skin becomes drier, the fats that help skin cells stick together are lost. This is when things can get a bit flakey, so keeping a build up of dead skin cells at bay is essential. I recommend introducing exfoliation into your daily routine at least twice a week during the chilly season. An exfoliating body scrub is a must have, paired with a body brush or exfoliating glove. A firm favourite of mine is Soap and Glory’s Scrub ‘Em & Leave ‘Em Body Exfoliator, £7.50, a salty scrub with mandarin and jojoba oils which leaves your skin silky soft with a gorgeous scent too. For something a little gentler, Fake Bake’s Passion Fruit Body Polish, £12.50 is a fruity alternative with high concentrations of Aloe Vera and tiny micro particles of mild exfoliator. Either of these scrubs are perfect pairing with the likes of Superdrug Pebbles Terry Exfoliating Mitt, £2.99helping to stimulate circulation and revive your skin for Winter.

Not forgetting the importance of exfoliating our faces too, Fake Bake’s Bamboo Buffing Face Polish £10.00 helps renew skin cells and remove impurities, leaving complexions smooth and glow-ready. Mantra for the season? Exfoliate Exfoliate Exfoliate.

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Of course exfoliations partner in crime for a glowing complexion is a balanced diet. I know you’ve heard it all before but let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of slipping back to our comfort foods as soon as the temperatures drop. It’s important to remember to keep up with that healthy eating you started way back when, for your bikini bod and to continue with it into Winter.



But all this scrubbing comes at a price and your newly discovered skin cells will be crying out in thirst. With icy winds, low humidity and central heating wherever we turn, Winter is notoriously relentless when it comes to drawing out what little moisture our skin already has. Therefore, a moisturiser which does the job is essential. In terms of body moisturisers, Good Things Ultra Rich Body Butter, £5.99 is exactly what it says it is. Rich in mango-seed oil and papaya, it helps lock in precious moisture for a proven 24-hour moisturising effect. And if it wasn’t already perfect, it’s mouth-watering smell and animal friendly production really is the cherry on top.

Face moisturisers are equally important to include in your daily regime. Dry patches on faces can flair up in Winter even on people who aren’t prone to dry skin so a rich, creamy moisturiser should be on the top of everyone’s must-have lists. If you’re looking to treat yourself and splurge, I would recommend Philosophy Hope In A Jar, £34.00a lightweight formula which hydrates and provides antioxidant protection. However for a more purse-friendly option, my ultimate favourite is Boots Vitamin E MoistureCream ,£2.54 a natural, creamy moisturiser with lashings of Vitamin E to protect delicate facial skin against the harshness of Winter.

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 23.22.08Tanning

And last but not least, the joys of fake tan. Assuming, like me, you feel a pang of sadness every time you look down at your ever disappearing tan lines, Winter is the time to return to the bottle. After exfoliating and moisturising your skin to an inch of it’s life, naturally the next step is to beautify it and add some colour. St Tropez’s Self Tan Bronzing Lotion, £20.49 is a long-lasting formula which can help carry you through the darkness of Winter with a rich, even skin-tone. An alternative to the efforts of self tanning is a gradual tanning moisturiser. Combining the benefits of a moisturiser and a fake tan, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser, £5.35 gives a healthy, natural glow whilst locking in moisture.

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All in all, incorporating these three steps into your beauty regime is guaranteed to keep you flake free, silky smooth and glowing this season!