justeatWe do love a good takeaway as students, but on these cold gloomy days the last thing you want to do is step out into the freezing cold. So what is the answer? Voila! Go to the JUST EAT website or app for delivery of food direct to your door, and all you need to do is click a few buttons.

JUST EAT, like many other businesses, gives you the option of typing in your postcode to search for the nearest takeaways around your area. Not only this, but you can specifically type in the search engine what type of food ‘you fancy’. So what makes JUST EAT different from the many other businesses just like it? Well for starters, most students living down Smithdown Road will notice in takeaway windows that the majority of these establishments are registered with JUST EAT. Furthermore, with the website so easy to use and create an account on, those takeaway nights have never seemed so simple. Another clever feature that the website uses is showing not only where you last ordered, but also the food itself that you ordered, giving the opportunity to leave a review if you so wish. This clever ruse entices me into ordering yet again every time I log in, with the delicious memory of the last meal I ordered. And with the listings of opening times of all takeaways in the area, it is difficult to miss when it’s takeaway time!

A particular favourite of mine has been the food ordered from the restaurant named Thai Dia in the local area. With a love for thai food, I ordered the delightful Pad Thai Goong Prawn one evening, with some lovely Chicken Satay on the side. The dishes were both filling and fulfilling; shown by the generous portions and the explosion of taste each offered. Another favourite from Thai Dia is the Massaman Curry Chicken, both creamy and with a hint of spice to it, showing that it is great value for money once again (with the inclusion of rice for free with the dish).

For more information and to start ordering go to www.just-eat.co.uk