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Liverpool Young Greens to launch campaign for fair pay
Students urged to sign “five pledges” petition

On Wednesday February 26, Liverpool Young Greens will launch their campaign for a “fair pay campus”.

The 10:1 Campaign is a national effort led by the Young Greens of England and Wales to produce a fairer campus. They are asking students to sign a petition to ensure the Vice Chancellor signs up to five key pledges which are:

1. To publish the wages of themselves and their highest paid management staff
2. To publish the ratio between themselves and the lowest paid workers
3. To commit to paying all workers a living wage (£7.45 per hour)
4. To commit to paying all contractors a living wage
5. To commit to working towards a ratio of 10:1

This launch follows the release of a report in October which ranked the University the 17th most unfairly paid university, and a series of higher education strikes throughout the year.

The event will feature speeches from students and staff, including one from from National Young Greens Co-Chair Clifford Fleming on the campaign. There will also be refreshments provided.

“A growing culture of entitlement and corruption” – Young Greens Co-Chair

Liverpool Young Greens Co-Chair Ross Campbell said “The ever-increasing disparity in wages between upper management and regular employees in higher education is unsustainable, unethical, and symptomatic of a growing culture of entitlement and corruption that has gone on long enough.

“The 10:1 campaign will highlight and address the elitist and greedy behaviour of those at the top who seek to reward themselves with massive wage packets whilst imposing pay freezes on lecturers, administrative staff and caterers at our city’s universities. It’s time for students to stand up and say “no” to trickle-down education.”

With the announcement of Professor Sir Howard Newby’s retirement, Liverpool Young Greens claim that now is a perfect time to launch the campaign. Co-Chair Hannah Ellen Clare said “We need to show the University what we want from a Vice Chancellor. I hope to see you there!”