Votes triple in 36 hours
Candidates ready for “final push”

Morale is high among candidates today as the number of votes have more than tripled since yesterday morning.

At the beginning of day three there were concerns over the small number of turnouts in comparison to previous years. Around 500 votes had been taken in by the beginning of the third day, while in 2013 there were over a thousand in the first twelve hours.

Since the troublesome online voting system has been rectified, votes have shot up and continue to rise despite the gloomy weather, reaching over 1000 this morning and recently over 1600.

Votes are only expected to increase more sharply, as in previous years a large proportion of votes are taken in the last two days: over 40% of them last year.

On the campaign trail

LSMedia caught up with a few candidates campaigning today:

James Coe said that “The weather has made campaigning difficult, but the change in voting has not only seen an increase in turnout but a renewed sense of enthusiasm from the candidates, which I believe has rubbed off on the students.”

Kate Holmes agreed that the weather made the day tougher: “I feel like spirits are dampened slightly by the rain but the new voting system should mean there’s a massive final push tomorrow!”

The damp may have made it tougher, but these candidates are certainly optimistic – Hannah Clare declared that “tomorrow’s gonna be even better!”, and Alex Ferguson is similarly determined that “democracy will pull through.”

Voting is now as simple as logging onto the LGoS website, so get to it.

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