Voting open on University site and online
Campaigners busy on campus

Voting is now open for the Student Officer Elections 2014, and the University of Liverpool campus is busy with candidates looking to get your vote.

This week’s votes decide upon who will become Student Representative Officers, Student Trustees and NUS Conference Delegates. This time voters have only five days to take their pick, while last year the voting period was ten.

The campaigners and their supporters are scattered over campus, giving out their flyers, information on their manifestos, and conversation to students. They are keeping busiest around the Sydney Jones Library and the Harold Cohen, and few areas around campus aren’t being involved.


Candidates are giving shout outs in lectures all week, so students should expect to hear from them every day. Polling stations are now open in the Central Teaching Hub, the Harold Cohen and the Sydney Jones if you would like to vote on campus, though all LGoS members can currently vote online.


Each representative’s manifestos are available on the Elections website for an easy overview.

The positions and the candidates: Student Representative Officers

There are four Student Representative Officer positions; President, Deputy President, and two Vice Presidents. These officers work full time with the Guild to ensure that Guild policy is in the best interests of all varieties of students.

These are currently held by Sam Butler (President), James Coe (Deputy President), Tom Bee (Vice President) and Leigh Angel-Bevan (Vice President).

There are nine candidates for these positions: Harry Anderson, Kate Holmes, Hannah Ellen Clare, Aidan Mann, James Coe, Oyindamola Johnson, Emma Sims, Alex Ferguson and Callum Lee Doherty.

Student Trustees

Student Trustees sit on the Trustee Board of the Guild for two years, which ensures the organisation stays fit for purpose and works on the Guild’s strategy.

There are six candidates Student Trustee candidates this year: Emma Hart, Fraser Johns, Harriet Hey, Callum Lee Doherty, Jonathan White and Joshua Harper.

NUS Delegates

NUS Delegates attend each year’s NUS Conference in April, which is the supreme policy making body of the National Union of Students. They also elect delegates to the NUS Trustee Board and the Democratic Procedures Committee, and it is where the NUS budget for the coming year is decided.

The seven candidates are: Alasdair Bruce, Margaret Henderson, Matthew Smyth, Nissim Massarano, Ste Smith, Callum Lee Doherty and Tania Smith.


All student unions use the Single Transferable Vote to elect each Student Representative, which means that each voter ranks candidates in the order they would wish to see them elected on their ballot paper.

It’s time to get voting, and you are able to until 5pm on Friday March 21. Follow #soelections on Twitter for updates from the guild, candidates, voters and more.