BOOM! You’re in, and you won’t want to leave. Madness, magic, music and monsters, BoomTown Fair is a Pandora’s Box for nutters. This is a full on festival, four days and four nights, and not for the faint-hearted. If the mind-blowing line-up doesn’t swing it for you (which it will) the bright lights and debauchery of this potty pop-up playground will.

With acts such as Jimmy Cliff, Zed Bias, The Wailers, Boddika, The Cat Empire, Dub Phizix & Strategy, musically, this festival is on the ball. From gypsy-swing to blues, big brass bands to some serious drum & bass, for one weekend, a whole town is a carnival. The effort that goes into place is phenomenal – with eight distinct districts, there is always a surprise round the corner. Reignite your reggae roots in the three staged forest party of TrenchTown, where the likes of Congo Natty and Top Cat will be. And later, get your glad-rags on in Mayfair Avenue where you can Roller-Disco the night away, then follow your nose to Barrio-Loco to fall in love with a jewelled gypsy in the towns crazy capital.

Taking place from 7th – 10th August, BoomTown Fair should be top of the list, especially for the serious festival goers. If you like your bass loud, all things colourful, and are partial to a bit of absurdity, then this is the one for you. Located on The Matterley Bowl in Winchester, the site is a natural amphitheatre known as the “Punchbowl”, giving the festival a dizzying depth that no others can rival. And if you can’t hack the “hippy highway hill” to the rest of the districts, hop on the 300ft Magic Carpet up to the top. Any mood that takes you, BoomTown will cater for it – ‘av it large in the ruby glow of China Town, or if you feel like you need some spiritual healing, head to Whistlers Green where friendly folk will soothe the soul.

Watch out for pop-up paint fights, parades, performers and Police Rave Units, but don’t expect anything except the unexpected. This year will see Carnival processions, a masked ball, and on Saturday the Old Town district will be undergo a Pirate takeover, so dig out your wooden leg and prepare for some barmy barnacle buffoonery! BoomTown cannot be celebrated enough, it’s big, it’s brash and it’s barking mad.

Visit the website for the full line up where tickets are still available.