In my house, there is a strong divide between the girls: the two that are fans of the flat for both day and night, and myself, for whom the thought of a night out without a heel is a relatively terrifying prospect. Hearing that flat shoes were back in fashion for the evening worried me – until I remembered that for a lot of girls in Liverpool, a kitten heel in Heebies is bad enough, a flat completely unheard of and I wouldn’t be alone in my 6 inch wedges.

But is there such a thing, even for heel-a-holics, as a nice flat shoe? Perhaps it would be nice not to hesitantly lower yourself down stairwells, wake up with aching feet or be reliant on a housemate/friend to prop you up on those relatively tricky stretches of town. Of course, summer is coming – and following it is an onslaught of sandals, providing the perfect opportunity to find a pair of flats that you wouldn’t be ashamed to hit Baa Bar in (Of course, if you are beyond the heel, you can simply add another pair to your collection). Here at LSMedia we decided to scour the high street to find the best options for a Friday night flat.

These ZARA block heels aren’t strictly speaking, flats, but a small block heel like this is an ideal compromise, being both comfortable and effortlessly stylish.


Sling Back Peep Toe, £55.99, ZARA (Image courtesy of


These Topshop slingbacks are called ‘vixen’ for a reason – smart and sexy, they are the perfect shoe for a fashionista who doesn’t want to pick up any blisters – plus they’re only £16.99.



Vixen Slingback, £16.99, Topshop (image courtesy of


Can sandals survive a night out? We reckon these chunky flatforms would be ready to take on the might of the Dom1’s stairs, and would look equally good to head to Uni in (if it isn’t raining, of course).



Chunky Flatform Sandal, £24.99, New Look (image courtesy of