secret garden  party

There is a reason why Secret Garden Party tickets fly off the shelves long before the line-up is released. This place is a hedonist’s haven, a garden of marvels, a glistening jewel of lakeside silliness and glittering debauchery. And it just so happens that the headliners are belters too. This years gatecrashers include Hip-hop heroes Public Enemy, and the seven-piece jazzy jam band, Fat Freddy’s Drop. Get plucky with the Dub Pistols, or float into the ethereal skies with Morcheeba.

The festival takes place on 24th – 27th July on a 150 acre site  just outside the market town Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, and has a sizeable capacity of 21,000. You should expect a weekend of wackiness where nothing is too weird, and nobody too colourful. Last year saw a pirate ship emerging from the deep, smothered by a colossal octopus, but if you are a regular Gardener, this kind of fantastical tentacle spectacle won’t seem out of place. Here, you can get lost in a labyrinth of sprawling tree roots, explode into paint fights, wrestle in mud baths, and swoon gently through willowy lakeside corridors.

Unlike many mainstream festivals, Secret Garden Party has its priorities right. Who wants to pay through the nose for a field, a stage and a chip van when you can go to Alice in Wonderland without compromising on music? The theme this year is ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,’ so expect the place to be oozing with nonsense because fancy dress is a big deal; if you’re not wearing a wig, wings, or wizard cape you aren’t letting loose enough.

Ps. Bring face paint.

Visit the website for the full line up where tickets are still available.