“Do not go gentle into that good night… rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

Interstellar is a science fiction movie about love and time, starring Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) Brand (Anne Hathaway), Murph (Jessica Chastain/Mackenzie Foy/ Ellen Burstyn,) Professor Brand (Michael Caine) and directed by Christopher Nolan (Memento, The Dark Knight.) The movie starts with the premise of how humankind has over-exploited the land resources; therefore they have to find another planet to occupy in order to survive. Interstellar contains influences from 2001 A Space Odyssey as well as the premise based on true scientific principles from Kip Thorne.

Cooper and Murph’s long distance relationship was highly emotive (thanks to their excellent performances). Throughout the movie we see Cooper watching Murph grow up through the use of video whilst he remains the same age; this creates a number of emotional and somewhat surreal scenes. The use of time throughout Interstellar created excellent drama with the 1 hour on the planet Miller compared to seven years back home utilizing this to great effect.

The aesthetic qualities of this movie were incredible, the environments of the new planets were beautiful and highly believable however the highlight for me was the scene in which the Endurance travels through the wormhole. Through the close up imagery and the encompassing score from Hans Zimmer, the audience were allowed to feel the constricting nature as well as the relief when they got through to the other side with its vast openness and eerie silence.

Professor Brand, whose revelation from Dr Mann (Matt Damon) that he never completed his work felt somewhat subdued unlike the Dr Mann narrative who has an ulterior motive for his actions and whose involvement in the silent explosion was terrific. The other secondary character that deserves a special mention is the Robot TARS, who provides the comic relief for the film, with his humour meter being a triumph.

The film was somewhat confusing and felt a little rushed, an example of which is Cooper being lost in a fifth dimension which contained a bookshelf and allowed him to manipulate Murph’s environment. For me this was a slight downer but aside from this and the somewhat confusing ending I thought Interstellar was an excellent film and I recommend viewing!