Fight the frizz this winter with the Corioliss C1 Hair Straightener

So maybe your current straightener is on its last legs, or you are looking to invest in a reliable flat iron, but you just don’t have that GHD kind of money. Trying to find a quality hair straightener that wouldn’t break the bank can be a daunting task. But no worries, the research has been done for you. I recently added the Corioliss C1 Professional Straightener to my own collection, and I highly recommend you do too!


10 reasons why you need this straightener in your life

1) Titanium plates
We were all brought up on ceramic straighteners, however this new revolutionary technology is much gentler and healthier for our hair. After prolonged use, ceramics can cause friction to the cuticle, however titanium plates have a smooth, glass like surface, which heat up ultra fast and glides effortlessly over the hair, giving you that smooth, glossy result.

2) Infrared heat & negative ion technology
It may sound a bit like a science experiment, but negative ion technology is key to eliminating that frizz. Infrared heat locks in the moisture in your hair, creating unbelievable shine and softness. Prevent your hair from drying out this winter, and keep those dull looking strands at bay.

3) Variable heat control
So if you didn’t know, not every hair type can handle the same amount of heat, especially colour-treated hair. To avoid heat damage, this straightener allows you to customize the heat setting to your own hair, ranging from 120 degrees to 235 Celsius.

4) For all hair types
Whether your hair is wavy, kinky, curly or straight, this straightener can handle it all. With 1 inch wide floating plates, the straightener adapts to the density of your hair texture, preventing any tension or breakage.

5) International adapter
Dual voltage circuitry, this basically means that you can use it anywhere in the world, and it won’t blow up.

6) Swivel cord
With a 9ft long wire, the 360 degree swivel feature is always good. Those days of untangling wires are gone!

7) Inbuilt safety feature
Have peace of mind whenever you leave the house, with the self-deactivation feature, which automatically switches the iron off after 30 minutes. With this beauty, you can always be sure your house wouldn’t be burnt down by the time you get back!

8) Creating waves & volume
You can do much more than just straighten you hair with the Corioliss, it’s great for creating flicks, waves, and maximizing volume.

9) Cute but efficient travel case

The iron comes with its very own FREE heat protection travel pouch, so you can up and go, without having to wait for them to cool down.

10) Best of all, it only costs…£49!!

Now with all these cool features, this is seriously a bargain, especially compared to other straighteners in the market. Available at Amazon and other beauty stores, the flat iron also comes in various colours and patterns.

So, whether you’re after pin-straight strands, or those soft effortless beach waves, the Corioliss straightener can get you to those 9am lectures on time, and looking good. With one pass, the Corioliss can get you from bed head, to salon fresh, in literally seconds.